AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.

Interior designer Michael Siewert joins me for some fresh ideas to make your Thanksgiving more crafty, which leads to more welcoming.

And some of the things that we think about are how can we make our table a little bit different? You know, are we gonna do the same thing year after year? Are we gonna zhuzh it up a little bit? Well, Michael is in the with me, which of course means we’re gonna zhuzh it up a little bit, right?

“Absolutely. We have to. I love to color block a lot of things in my design. We do it with paint in rooms, and we’re doing it in tablescapes and in home decor now as well, where we’re taking a color, and we’re just putting it on everything. You know, you’ve seen dining rooms and gentlemen’s studies, where we paint the wall in the trim, everything the same color. And so I’ve just taken the gold theme, took some pumpkins, handy spray paint.

“Spray painted the metallic, and they just turned out so elegant. Even, I mean, down to the candle. You know, and if you think about your room being a little dark and the candles glistening, I mean, how lovely is that?”

Michael often uses mirrors in a tablescape.

“I love to use mirrors everywhere in a house. And you have to consider what it’s gonna reflect. And in this case, it’s just gonna reflect more gold. So it double-duties the color and it just really softens everything, and just gives you a nice sense of elegance, I think.”

Layering designs is another favorite.

“It’s all about layering. We wanna layer, you see everything I’ve done here, no matter if it’s more casual or a little more elegant, it’s all layered, which is what we do in design every day… think outside the box a little bit. Picked the pine cones up in my yard, spray painted those, got these little gold berries and these little gold sprigs. You know, but you go to the craft stores, you can certainly find whatever color scheme you want. I mean, you know, you go to some of these craft stores, they kind of a color code their things.”