AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — A beloved leader in the Augusta arts community died from COVID back in 2020, and now The Augusta Broadway Singers will be honoring the memory of Richard Justice in their upcoming concert.

Over the course of 20 years, Les Reagan, the founding director of TABS, and Richard Justice worked on some 40 shows together. Their last collaboration was supposed to have been Cinderella, with the Augusta Players.

“He and I were going to direct it again. And Richard was gonna sing with us with TABS in our Rogers and Hammerstein show that we actually had to shut down that week of. And, of course, then he passed away. . And now, after talking with Terrence, his husband, and getting his blessing, we are doing a show remembering Richard and the music from the shows that he either was an actor in and starred, or he was a director.

“We are doing a piece from “Rent,” yes. Now, the players I don’t believe has done that show. And we haven’t, of course, done the show. But “Seasons of Love” was a song he loved. We are actually doing a song from “A Chorus Line,” which will be a lot of fun, and “Spamalot” was another fun show that he really liked. “The Fantasticks,” which actually opened in New York on May 3rd, 1960 and is still running, was a show that Richard did several times. We are doing the opening song, “Try to Remember.”

The concerts are on August 26th and 27th in North Augusta.

“Richard lived in North Augusta and we are being presented by Riverfront Theater Company, which Richard did a lot of work with. And so we’re doing this at the North Augusta Community Center. They’re off of Buena Vista. The website is and the Tabs site is You can buy tickets either place. They’re $30 a piece and that includes a dessert.

You can also purchase tickets using the QR code below: