Jennie: SRP Banking in Schools

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - So, how are those New Year's Resolutions going?

If you're like most of us, you did make a few. In a survey from online polling firm YouGov, nearly 70% of folks said they indeed set new goals for the coming year. Eating better and exercising more topped the list, along with spending less money.

Top New Year's Resolutions include exercising more. 59% of us wanna do that. Eat healthier, save more money, half of us say that. Lose weight, reduce stress. 35% say they're gonna stick to a budget. Get more sleep, that better self care is so important. Spend more time with family. Number nine, learn a new skill, and, number 10, one that's my favorite, travel more.

41% of women aim to eat healthier and get more exercise this year. And, how about this? 42% of women intend to save more money in the new year.

My first guest today can help us do that. Grace Helms is with SRP Federal Credit Union and one of the things your institution offers, Grace, is the financial literacy program for all age groups.

"We have programs to offer to all age groups. A broad range of topics are available: investments, social security, budgeting, first time car buyers or a first home buyer. We also teach about responsible spending and avoiding internet scams. We have really a wide gamut of products available.

"Periodically, we offer classes, or Lunch & Learn type programs where we invite members in to learn about the different topics, whatever the case may be. In addition, we can facilitate separate one-on-one meetings, if somebody needs more than the class would provide."

SRP is also willing to facilitate literacy, financial literacy programs, in schools through its Spend, Save and Share program.

"We visit schools to teach the students how to spend and save in a responsible manner. It's so important to get these students off on the right foot, financially. Unfortunately, it's a subject that's not taught in school, and students are often not learning financial basics at home either. It's imperative for young people to have a grasp on these skills before they leave home and join the adult world. We usually start with the Spend, Save, Share program and are often invited to come back to teach students on other topics as well."

Another way the credit union is supporting schools is through its new Affinity debit card.

"The Affinity Debit Card Program was launched in August of 2018 and was piloted with Aiken county schools. It is currently only available to high schools. We have partnered with the high schools to provide them with a school-branded card (design of their choice). The school receives money for each time the cards are used to make a purchase. The money does not come out of our members’ pockets. Instead, it is a donation coming directly from the credit union. SRP is dedicated to giving back to the communities in which we live and work. We feel this program truly embodies that dedication.”

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