AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– May is skin cancer awareness month. Skin cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis in the United States, but also the most preventable.

According to a recent survey from the Prevent Cancer Foundation, 70% of Americans over 21 have not had a skin check in the past year.

Everyone, regardless of skin color, is at risk for skin cancer. People of color are often diagnosed, unfortunately, in later stages, when they don’t have as many treatment options.

Experts say any changes in size or thickness, or symptoms such as bleeding, itching or crusting, should be reported to your doctor.

Heather Mackey is the Senior Director of Cancer Prevention & Detection:

“We know that early detection equals better outcomes, and you know your body best. If you see something you’re concerned about- a changing spot or mole- contact your healthcare provider immediately.”

The ABCDE Skin Cancer Guide be an important tool when checking your skin for suspicious moles. Watch for asymmetry, border irregularity, color that isn’t uniform, diameter greater than 6mm, and evolving size, shape or color.