AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Growing up Siewert!

How does your childhood play impact your adult livelihood? If you’re like Mike Siewert and his sister, Susie Siewert Bruner, probably a lot more than we realize!

Mike and Susie grew up in a crafty household.

Mike: “We sewed, you (Susie) crocheted, the plastic canvas. Mom did a lot of needlepoint and quilting… always crafting something. Mom always made Barbie doll clothes!”

Jennie: “I had an aunt that would do that- I loved it!”

Mike: “I loved it, too. I was more into theatrics when I was a kid. We would put on shows – I would have Susie lip synch songs and I would play a joke. We would put on a show for Mom and Dad and we’d have a curtain up.”

Mike and Susie talk about growing up with siblings– and the challenges we later face as adult siblings.