AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Piedmont Augusta’s Breast Health Center provides support and care for breast cancer patients from diagnosis through treatment and follow-ups.

The Breast Health Center is the first and longest running accredited breast center in the region. And while the actual center is on the hospital campus, it’s reach is broad through the Mobile Mammography Unit.

Melissa Manley is the Breast Health Services and Survivorship Manager at Piedmont Augusta.

“Once they’re diagnosed in the imaging center and they come up (to the Breast Health Center), the Breast Navigator actually follows them from the moment they’re diagnosed. We often talk to them the same day that their surgeon talks to them. And then they walk them through the whole process. So from the moment that they walk through our doors for as long as they need us, we’re there. And another great thing that we just started and we’re so proud of because we’ve been working on this since 2015, is actually getting a survivorship program off the ground. We’ve had care plans, which actually is somebody’s roadmap of the cancer treatment because there’s nothing, as a nurse, there’s nothing that frustrates me more than somebody to get caught up into where they once were.”

She’s says of the 30.000 procedures done at the imaging center last year, 586 women were diagnosed with breast cancer.

“So, I think that’s another great point to talk about is when you look at the percentage of women that have mammograms and the percentage of women that are diagnosed with breast cancer. You know there’s a big fear that comes with it. But the fact is most people are going to come in for their screening and we’re going to see them next year. And with 3D Mammography, we’ve actually decreased the callbacks, which decreases the anxiety.”

You can support Breast Cancer Awareness Month by taking part in next month’s Miracle Mile Walk. It’s coming up Saturday, October 15th. Click here for more information or go to