AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Think of window treatments as a frame your whole window. They do for the window what eyebrows do for your face! But the choices are so hard, how do you even know how to start?

We turned to the expert, interior designer Michael Siewert.

“There are so many choices. Sometime a client just wants something decorative and sometimes they want something functional. So that’s usually the first question. And then you’re limited one way or the other than maybe what you wanna do, but there’s so many options of hardware.”

Siewert describes himself as a problem solver for clients.

“We just have to decide exactly, and sometimes it’s budget constraints, sometimes it’s the aesthetic, maybe somebody wants something a little more traditional and not so modern, so you just have to think about all of that together.”

Sometimes it’s glam and blingy, sometimes is farmhouse.

“Wood hardware is very popular and depending on budget, or maybe how heavy you want your your treatment to be, your hardware to be. You can go from silver to gold. We have bronze, this is very popular because it’s very transitional. You could go either way with that modern or traditional.”