Jennie: Megan Fechter will color your world through Painted Parcels


Megan Fechter didn’t go to college to be an artist, but she has always loved art and design.

“I went to Georgia Tech to become a businesswoman, and the big plan was that I was gonna join corporate America. My first few weeks I called my mom like, ‘Mom, I know this sounds nuts, but I think I’m supposed to be a full-time artist. And she was like, ‘Megan, I beg you, stick with it for two years. Can you do a year? How about six months?’ I made it to the six month mark, and I’ll never forget, it was pouring down rain, my mind was just buzzing with what I really wanted to do, which was paint, and I walked home that day from work three miles in the pouring rain, and I finally got to my apartment. I was drenched and I called my mom, like, ‘Mom, this is it. I know what I want to do.’ And my mom said the best thing she could have ever said to me, and she goes, ‘All right, girlfriend. Show me your business plan.'”

“And this is all part of my Unbridled series. When I was in corporate America I became really passionate about empowering other women, women creating their own careers, so that really inspired this whole line of work. These are the prints that accompanied a acrylic line, so I produced about 10 canvas acrylic paintings that I had a gallery for, and what was really exciting was when I had my Unbridled series art show, I asked my followers to submit stories of female mentorship and female empowerment to me to include in the show. When you walked through the gallery with each piece of artwork, there was an inspirational story, submitted by a woman about another woman. I just think that it created such a beautiful atmosphere. All the people that came, my community that came to that art show, it was just really empowering and uplifting and that’s what I really aimed for with this artwork.”

Take a look now….   if you are interested in learning more about Megan and her art…  you can browse her website and find  original acrylics, how to submit commissions, wedding stationery and awesome calligraphy…  just go to

@painted_parcels on Instagram, as well as on Facebook.

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