JENNIE: Letitie Clark with details on Ryan Clark Zumba Fest and scholarship in her son’s honor


Today’s show is about moving on after devastating loss. We have two very special guests who have experienced the ultimate heartache the death of a child.

Lisa Medders lost her daughter to colorectal cancer at a very young age. Way before people start getting screenings. We’ll hear from her shortly.

First though, Augusta native Ryan Clark a Lakeside High School graduate was a senior at Virginia Tech majoring in biology and English with a 4.0 GPA. He was a member of the marching Virginians college band, when he was gunned down April 16, 2007. Ryan died a hero. He was an RA who was shot while trying to protect another student from the gunman who would take so many lives that horrific day. 

Ryan’s mother, Letitie Clark, has been living with the loss of her son for almost a dozen years now. One way she keeps Ryan’s leagacy alive is through the Ryan Clark Scholarship and Community Service Award, which goes to area student in Richmond or Columbia County, ages 14 to 19.

“And it’s for a child that volunteers. Gives back to the community. So it is not for an athlete, just an athlete If you’re an athlete and you can get it great. It’s not for someone that makes straight A’s. If you make straight A’s that’s wonderful as well. But everyone can give back. So it’s for a child that says, I’m giving back to my community. If I play sports that’s wonderful, but if I give back on top of it, we love that. So that’s what we do.”

The Ryan C. Clark Zumba Fest is a big fundraiser, or “fun-raiser” for the scholarship fund.  It’s coming up Saturday, March 30th at the Kroc Center.

“And we will be Zumba-ing with some of the best CSRA Zumba instructors there is. We also have instructors coming from Indiana and Tampa, Florida. That will be working out with us. And it is our big fundraiser. It’s one way that you can support the scholarship and we also will have some vendors there So ladies you can shop you can do all kinds of things. It is for men too! So we don’t wanna say it’s not for men, because it is. Because we all need exercise. And we all need to have fun.”

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