Jennie: Legendary Entertainer Flo Carter

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - Today as we start Season Three, two titans in the two state, long time United Way CEO, the newly retired LaVerne Gold, and the one and only Flo Carter.

If you are from the River Region, chances are you've heard the name Flo Carter. How about Flo Carter and the Sounds of Joy?

The legendary singer made a name for herself decades ago, and still brings down the house wherever she performs. The road to her amazing career began when she was just a kid in Philadelphia. Her talent is in the genes, as she came from a musical family that moved to Reidsville, Georgia when she was a child. And boom, Flo won a school singing contest. Who knew decades later it would lead to this music video, produced by her grandson, Brian Williams.

Click here to watch This Train video.

Jennie: Flo, you can talk about so many stories. I want you to take me back to the days of the Bon Air Hotel, back when it was such a great place.

Flo: And it was just a wonderful time because President Eisenhower and Mamie Eisenhower, Mamie would come to the Bon Air. It was just a delightful time. And we were on the air then too, At Channel Six the old studio over in North Augusta. We started there in 1954. The early television was fun times because it was all live and no matter what you did, it was on the air.

Jennie: Years later you would lose your voice for 9 years.

Flo:  But you know, when I got my voice back, I got the girls together, I said, "Just get yourselves together." We started rehearsing, we got the bus. Went out and got a bus, I don't do things little. When we do things we do it big. So we got the bus and we started traveling all up and down the East Coast. Singing everywhere we could sing.

Jennie:  And that takes us to This Train.

Flo: This Train... I tell ya, that's been my song, Jennie, for 100 years! But, this train is bound for glory, we really are bound for glory. What else is there in life if you can't go out in the daytime and the people that you meet, witness to them about what The Lord and Savior means to you?

Jennie: Well wherever you go, you totally delight the crowds. You, too, can learn more about Flo because PBS has just launched a special with Flo, called "Hometown Augusta."

Click here to watch the video, This Train.

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