AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– They’re a powerful group of former Laney Wildcats! And they’re still committed to their school.

Over the last decade, the Laney Alumni Association has contributed more than $100,000 to the school for various activities from sports to teacher supplies to band instruments.

President Dr. Curtis Briscoe, Sr. says since its inception in June 2012, the Lucy Craft Laney High School Alumni Association has been committed to raising funds to support programs and services at the school benefitting students, faculty and staff.

Over the years they’ve purchased a camera system for football games, sports uniforms, camps, equipment, banquets and trophies, choir robes, band instruments, and so much more!!!

Dr. Briscoe and membership chair, Ms. Agnes Butler, join Jennie to talk about the groups goals and membership recruitment campaign, which is underway right now!

“The Best of the Boulevard challenges the different classes to get the most membership. So, this is the third year and the class of ’71 is defending champs. I graduated from that great class of ’71, but –“

Jennie: “You must have been 10 when you graduated!”
[ Laughter ]
Briscoe: “Thank you! But it challenges the different classes to ask the alumni to give back by joining the Alumni Association. The membership in terms of the Best of the Boulevard — runs through September the 21st for the classes to get as many members. And we have members from all across the United States. Everybody is spread out. And they challenge the classes to get as many members. And then on September the 29th, we will award the trophy for the Best of the Boulevard at that game with Washington High School.

For more information and to become a member go to