AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– It’s a recipe for finding balance: think positive and live happier!

The latest collection of stories from the Chicken Soup for the Soul library will remind readers that finding true happiness may not be as difficult as they think.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Your 10 Keys to Happiness is a collection of 101 true stories that illustrate how to find joy, peace, and happiness in your own life. These inspirational, personal stories are full of tips you can apply to unlock the keys to happiness to your own life.

After 14 years as editor-in-chief of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Amy Newmark has figured out the ten keys to happiness. She says we all have the necessary tools, we just have to learn how to use them!

In the book, Amy explains the ten keys to happiness:

· Count Your Blessings

· Free Yourself with Forgiveness

· Help Someone Else

· Have Less Stuff

· Think Positive

· Make Me Time

· Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

· Be Yourself

· Pursue Your Passion

· Get Outside in Nature