JENNIE: Holiday Trees and a bride on ice skates!


Congratulations, Maddy Elledge & Justin Baker!

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– I have big news about my family to share… and it makes me an MOB- and an MIL!! My Maddy Moe tied the knot and celebrated on ice!

Isn’t that the sweetest from Augusta photographer Amy J. Owen?

What a magical evening for Maddy, who is one of the many, many brides who had to postpone her church wedding because of the pandemic.

But Maddy and my handsome new son-in-law, Justin Baker, decided to have a “mini-mony” with just family, so they could keep the date they had wanted for their anniversary: November 21st.

And look at that gorgeous Christmas tree! It went up the day of the wedding, and since Maddy -loves- Christmas, she was thrilled to get a photo in front of it!

It was a beautiful little ceremony filled with love and lots of joy… and check out this cake, which Maddy herself baked. Stunning!

And that little bride and groom on top of Maddy’s cake, sat on top of -my- wedding cake 30 years ago this week!

December 13th will mark three decades with my wonderful husband, Scott Elledge… of course the best blessing of all has been our great kids– Zack, Maddy and Sky. Happy Anniversary, honey!

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