AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — As you know, screenings are a big part of staying on top of our health, especially as we get older.

Someone who knows all about the importance of screenings for women is LisaAnn Wheeler, the Patient Navigator for the Breast & Cervical Cancer screening Program at the Georgia Department of Public Health.

LisaAnn’s big message to viewers is that early detection saves lives! She encourages any woman who is underinsured, or uninsured, to give her a call about the screening. She has even gone with nervous patients to their mammograms, just to provide support and a hand to hold! You can reach LisaAnn at 706-513-1033.

The Georgia Health Department provides a comprehensive wellness exam to women 40+, which includes PAP/HPV/Clinical breast exam and mammogram referral at no cost to the patient.

Two women who participated in the program, Rose and Stephanie, are here today as well to share their experience.