AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Georgia Legal Services Program is a nonprofit legal aid organization.

It’s statewide, and in our area it helps clients in 14 counties around Augusta with legal concerns like evictions, elder law, and Medicare issues.

Brittany Pasley is a Supervising Attorney with the Augusta office.

“Yes, we are a statewide non-profit law firm. We assist folks who are low income or those who are 60 plus, regardless of their income status, and we provide them with free legal services on civil legal matters. Nothing criminal. We only assist with civil legal matters. The purpose of our whole organization, our mission is to provide our client base with equal access to justice. Essentially what we want to do is help lift people out of poverty. We want to provide them with opportunities to escape the holes of poverty.

“Usually, if their services are being denied, their home health services are denied or they’ve been receiving it for a while and all of a sudden it’s terminated for one reason or another. That’s when we come into play. There’s usually a problem unfortunately, and so there’s an appeal process for that, and typically there’s Long Term Care Ombudsman who may plug us in and say hey, you know, you may have a right to a legal process here, and Georgia Legal Services may be able to assist. And so we can help with those appeals processes. We can represent clients and try to maintain those healthcare services, because again, healthcare is one of our priorities as well.”

She says estate planning is one of the things people tend to put off doing.

“It is difficult to think about. I do get clients who come to me all the time who haven’t thought about it, didn’t think they needed one. I frequently go out into the community and give presentations to try to convince folks, come on in, it’s not as daunting as you may think. But it’s important. It protects them. It protects their property. It eases things for their family at that very trying time. It’s a very important service.”