Jennie: First pediatric robotic surgery at MCG


This one is a big deal for technology: the first robotic surgery on a pediatric patient at the Medical College of Georgia and the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. The surgeon was dealing with obstruction that caused swelling in a 3-year-old’s kidney.

Dr. Brad Morgenstern is an Associate Professor of Pediatric Urology at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University.

“It was exciting because of course we’ve heard of different robotic procedures, but this was unique because it was on a 3-year-old child. She had had a urinary tract infection. That’s how we got the ultrasound that we noticed there was a blockage on the kidney and then through some other more fancy tests, something called a renal scan that shows us how the functioning is working and if it’s obstructed showed an obstruction. So you have a couple different methods that you can go into to relieve this obstruction. One can be a big open end surgery which on a 3-year-old can be an incision about this big… whereas, ​​​​​​​the way we did it on a robotic surgery, we get four incisions, just about the size of my pinky.”

Mom Emily says Abigail was eager to show people her incision dressings.

“She just wanted to show it off to everybody. Anybody who would, she just wanted to show it off. And I did have a couple of moments where I was like Oh no, there’s blood in her urine, is this normal, and I think I called the hospital at like 10 o’clock at night and everyone was, you know, very accommodating with my phone call. It wasn’t like I was getting on anyone’s nerves when I called. So I was very thankful for that. They were very patient.”

Since Abigail’s surgery in January, Dr. Morgenstern has booked other pediatric patients for robotic surgery.

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