AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– We’re putting a big focus on women’s health today.

Local physician Dr. Ron Eaker, from MD-VIP, has a warning about skipping, or postponing, medical care during the pandemic.

There’s no denying the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted health care in an unprecedented way.

A nationwide survey found more than one-third of non-elderly adults delayed, or did not get care, because they were worried about exposure to the virus.

Black adults, and adults with chronic health conditions, were among those most likely to have delayed getting needed care.

Nearly one-third of adults who went without care say doing so negatively affected their health, ability to work, or ability to perform other daily activities.

The situation with women is troubling, too, as some are postponing or even cancelling routine checkups, mamagrams, and overall OBGYN care.

One of our local experts, Dr. Ron Eaker, who has spent more than 30 years specializing in women’s healthcare, is here to talk about some of the dangers of delaying care … and steps we can take to stay on top of our health in the wake the pandemic.

Surges in COVID-19 cases have disrupted health care routines over the past 18 months, from regular primary care checkups and important preventive screenings such as colonoscopies and mammograms, to the treatment for chronic illness like diabetes and heart disease. Postponing care has the potential to lead to a secondary health concern.

Dr. Eaker has written two books: A Woman’s Guide to Hormone Health and Healthy Habits for a Fit Family, both of which are abailable on Amazon.