AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Well, we go from Augusta Players to Augusta Junior Players. And The Augusta Junior Players have a great show coming up for you, “Dr. Dolittle”. And here to tell us about it is Amy Miller, the Musical Director, who’s a veteran performer herself. And Heidi Coughenour, the choreographer.

“Growing up at Augusta West and Augusta Players, it feels so good to give back to The Augusta Players, but in a different way. And working with little kids now. Some a little bit older as well. And just being able to help put a show together, which is “Dr. Dolittle.”

Music director Any Miller says the kids have learned quickly.

“I just feed off of them, their energy. And they’re quick, you know, they’re so quick-witted. And you know what? They’re super focused. I love doing, I love working with them and teaching them everything that they pretty much already know. Even before the rehearsals began, they started to memorize the music. And they’ll be quick to tell you, oh, Miss Amy, I already know that. Okay. Well good. Show it to me then.”

Catch the show April 29 at 7pm, or the 30th at 2pm & 5pm… at the Evans High School Auditorium. Tickets are available HERE.