NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF)– Dana’s Recovery Room is a unique ministry at Immanuel Baptist Church in North Augusta.

It offers a free service that many of you may be able to use, or support with donations of supplies.

“And we used to call her ‘Deacon Dana’ because she was all about her church! I mean, oh yes, and she was 7 years old.”

Sandra Nuss created Dana’s Recovery Room in honor of her daughter, who died 21 years ago.

“She was a student here. 5 years old I put her in Sunday School. I didn’t go to church, but I wanted her to go to church. So at 7, she was diagnosed with leukemia. So she made it to remission, and coming to church, so the church people here were so good to us, and she’s in the hospital bed one time and I said, ‘When you get well I’m coming to church with you.’ She was so excited!”

And a couple of years later, when Dana was 9, Sandra did join the church.

“I did. And I have never left since. Well really, the kid shouldn’t be bringing the parent to church! But God works all different ways…”

Pastor Justin Epps says it’s the “pet project of the church.”

We’ve been deeply loved and we see it as an opportunity to pour that love of Jesus back out into others.”

Sandra says she doesn’t know where she got the idea.

“But I just know Dana would be all about this. She helped people so much. So I said, ‘Let me just try to do a little room,’ and I just started with my Facebook page. It just exploded!”

“We could probably keep expanding and expanding with the amount of stuff people bring in. It’s just such a cool– we’re getting to connect people in the community because people are donating. We’re able to give because people are giving.”

This is medical equipment, medical supplies, that people can come and get for free.

Dana’s Recovery Room is open every Wednesday from noon until 4pm. You can get free medical supplies and equipment… or drop off donations during that time. It’s located at Immanuel Baptist Church in North Augusta, 615 Old Edgefield Road, just off Atomic Road.