JENNIE: Catch The Little Mermaid at the Imperial Theater Mother’s Day weekend


This is the makeover show and as I said at the top of the program is there a more dramatic makeover than The Little Mermaid?

I mean, of course Ariel is lovely as a human AND a mermaid. And so is the actress playing Ariel in the upcoming Augusta Players performance of the musical, Kelsey Kemper!

Kelsey joins me today along with Eric Carter and Scott Seidl.

Scott is the Executive and Artistic Director of The Augusta Players. Kelsey is with us and Eric Carter … and Eric, how nice that you get to play Prince Eric!

Scott’s first season at Augusta Players is wrapping up with The Little Mermaid.

“It’s been a sprint and a whirlwind and such a joy to be here in Augusta. And yes, this is our final show of this our 73rd season. But there’s been so much going on besides the four amazing shows. The Augusta Junior Players just at their fourth out of five shows. They still have another one coming up. Now we’ve got these great special events. The Auggie Awards, which is this kind of Tony Awards, is open to the public.You’ll get to see the best performances of the entire season in one night. And there’s a great dinner and open bar and all that good fun staff as well as well as the awards. And then summer camps are coming up and Camp Wonderland for our young people with Autism. There’s so much going on in addition to this you know, really great show called The Little Mermaid!

And as for playing Ariel, Kelsey says it’s a blast!

“Oh it’s so much fun… because who doesn’t want to be a Disney princess a little bit? So yeah, she’s a blast to play. It’s nostalgic getting to live out a princess that you idolized growing up!”

The show is a lot of fun for Eric Carter, too.

“A blast, yes!”

Eric always loved musicals and plays but it too a little while for him to actually start performing in them.

“It did. I just had to get over a lot of nerves. Get over it. And I’m so glad I did! Sister Act was my first show as an adult with The Augusta Players.”

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