Jennie: Barnwell family honors late daughter with Jenna Strong Event


Brett and Becky Bodiford have used their journey of losing their only daughter, to a very aggressive cancer, to bring people of all walks of life together. 

Brett will say, “You don’t know what the challenges will be “while you’re in the midst of them, “but faith puts perspective on it “when you begin to see the bigger picture.”

Brett kept a powerful blog throughout his daughter’s illness. It’s called Faith Beyond Reason. And now, nearly a year later, what you’re doing to continue Jenna’s legacy it’s amazing. 

“And I was gonna tell you last time we were here, I remember picking her up and putting her in a wheelchair… she wasn’t a talker but it was her passion that she would look at me and go, and tell me what to say so we could tell people. And when we got home after she was finally diagnosed with it being terminal, and she made a video that’s on the same blog where she just said it was great that people were getting help and that good can come out of bad things.”

Brett and Becky invite the community to come out for their first Jenna Strong Event, on Saturday, May 4th.  It’s at the football field at Barnwell High School from 4pm – 8pm.

“Everybody pulled together and loved on us more than we deserved and we just wanna give back, we wanna talk to any parents who have lost a child because … there’s hope in this and God can see the next step. So we wanna be able to encourage people and give them hope that maybe just hug a neck and tell them we love them. And then on top of that, we’ll have music and we’ve got a great preacher from Savannah, Georgia. Brother Kenny Grand will be coming in, he’s got a mega church down there.” 

Brett says he’s honored to be speaking at the BHS baccalaureate service May 19th. 

“We want these kids to know that life can change overnight. But, you can still give God glory, you can still survive. The bad things don’t determine who you are, it’s how you handle them and how you help other people and love other people throughout your situation.”

Proceeds from the event will go back into the Barnwell community.

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