Jennie: Amazing at 86! Jennie’s mom shares important life lessons


She was born in 1933 in a small town in rural North Carolina. Look at this cutie… growing up in Dunn, about 45 minutes from Raleigh.

She wouldn’t marry my dad until she finished grad school and that was when most of her friends were getting their MRS degrees. She had 3 children who she stayed home and raised, until I could drive and then she went to work and then boom, before she knew it, 8 grandchildren were part of her life, including my 3 right there.

And there you are, mama, with a bunch of em. And then, of course, with Gino Vannelli!

This is my mother, Jennie Montgomery, and I am delighted to have her with me on the show today. I’ve wanted to have mama on for a long time, because, I admire her so much. 

Jennie: “You told me something that was really important one time. It was when I was expecting my second baby, Maddy. I was really afraid, will I be able to love another baby and you said, ‘You know, the heart just grows and grows. Your heart just makes more room.’ And, I think that until I had other children, I didn’t understand what that meant.”

Mama: “Well, it is so important to realize that and each child is different, but you love them. Each one for who they are. And the biggest mistake is trying to say each one has to be equal. Each one is an individual. And the love you give them is very nurturing, and very good.”

My mother was widowed for 16 years before she found herself in another loving relationship.

Jennie: “Mama, did you think you would love somebody again?”

Mama: “I always wanted to love somebody again because the love I shared with your father was so important that a large part of me was missing. Snd that comes through relationships that are honest, relationships that are very respectful in which you know that you want the best for each other and you don’t want to hurt each other.”

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