AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– When Allyson Roberts found herself pregnant and living in her car at the age of 19, she was feeling lost, scared and alone. Once she tapped into spiritual guidance, it changed everything. She wasn’t sure she would survive, or if the child growing inside of her would make it, but she knew that she had the power to turn things around if she could change her mindset.

Her book, The Spiritual Journey, details how she overcame her own personal trauma and now helps other women do the same. That includes living a positive life in a world where the news brings us minute-by-minute updates on traumatic events every day.

Today, Allyson has been recognized by Forbes affiliate, Feedspot, as one of the “100 Top Coaches in the World.” From intimate one-on-one conversations to speaking at live events, Allyson uses her training to overcome trauma, childhood issues, self-worth struggles, and more. In her sessions, she utilizes her professional training, as well as her natural gifts and strategic life coaching experience to bring people from all walks of life to their unique purpose.

You can take part in one of her events later this month. It’s “Behind the Power” October 19 -21 in Atlanta. Details at