The Augusta Junior Players production of “All Shook Up” is coming up June 21st – 23rd at Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School. 

Artistic Director Roy Lewis joins me now along with two stars of the show Emma Izzo and Bennett Wright.

The production is one Lewis has engineered before.

“Well it’s a juke box musical that is through music theater worldwide. And we’re excited to bring this to the area. A couple of area high schools have done it; I did it at Harlem, Greenbrier has done it under the direction of Steve Hansen. But this is the first for the Augusta Junior Players. So it’s kinda re-introducing them to some Elvis music and finding our rock ‘n roll groove one more time! And even if you don’t know Elvis you’re gonna have a rockin’ good time and just to kinda feed off of that. Bruce Drake, who is our musical director, has gathered some of Augusta’s local rock n’ roll legends to play in the pit crew for us.”

“All Shook Up” is coming up Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 21 – 23 at Davidson Magnet School. Tickets are $15 for adults, $7 for students. For more information, call 706-826-4707.