JENNIE: Adaptive golf clinic Masters Week at Wedges & Woods driving range and teaching facility


A local couple is opening up the world of golf to a lot of folks who may not be able to play otherwise.

Nick and Jen Prokosa are the owners of Wedges and Woods driving range and teaching facility, They have a lot of interesting programs there but one that caught our eye is the adaptive golf program.

Paramobiles give people who cannot stand, for various reasons, the ability to stand up and play golf.

“We have seen so many families be brought together where, one has not seen their loved one eye to eye standing up in years, it’s more than just a sport,” explains Jen.

Nick adds, “Some have balance issues, neurological issues, cerebral palsy. stroke or paralysis.”

“It’s incredible just watching how, they’re nervous at first, but once they get in, how this piece of equipment can lift up their self esteem and let them know that there’s something that they can do that is recreational, that gets them our there.”

On Monday, April 8th, Wedges & Woods is partnering with PGA Hope to offer an adaptive clinic for  veterans from all over the CSRA. 

“They’re going to be fed. We have several other instructors that are coming in to help us with this ’cause it’s going to be a very large program. We’re probably expecting between 40 and 60 disabled veterans as of right now. It may even get even bigger.”

You do need to RSVP to the or call 803.257.5988.

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