AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– It’s a basic need for good health: nutritious food.

But so many inner cities in this country are experiencing food deserts… and Augusta is no different. It means grocery stores have moved out and people living in those areas who may not have reliable transportation no longer have access to fresh produce within a reasonable distance.

A local church is also concerned about the food desert in their community, so they’ve created a community garden. Neighborhood residents and church members can plant and harvest in the space.

But the best part is a big fundraiser coming up this Saturday morning, June 18th!

Dr. Marsha Moorman is chair of the committee that came up with the idea of A Taste of Belle Terrace.

“Belle-Terrace Presbyterian Church sits on a lot of acreage. So we have our church, there’s a health clinic that’s there. And then we also have 1.2 acres of just land. And last May, the church said you can use it for a community garden. So four of us came together and we were off to the races to start the garden.”

The garden has squash, bell peppers, tomatoes, apple and persimmon trees, plums, oranges and a whole lot more.

“We want to share with the community different aspects of the garden. And the biggest part is producing these fruits and vegetables that help out with our AGAPE Ministry, where we partner with the Golden Harvest. So for the $5 entrance, you’ll be able to get a seeding, so you’ll be able to take back either okra, tomato, bean, or a cucumber and start your own. And then you’ll also be able to get a taste of some of these vegetables and fruits being prepared by one of our local chefs. And in addition, we have some master gardeners that are gonna be out there in the garden itself and showing you different things, like how do you get the seedling, because it can’t stay in the cup. So how do you get the seedling to the next stage or showing you how to transplant it. So the master gardeners are there to teach you just little pearls.”