AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– September is National Suicide Prevention & Awareness month, and it’s an issue we always shine the light on here at the Jennie Show.

Locally, the Overflow Foundation promotes mental health awareness and suicide prevention, as well as providing mental health education. And their big family-friendly event, Music & Mocktails, is back this year!

It’s coming up Saturday, September 24th at Generations Park in Aiken. The featured performer is country singer Cody Webb! Cody is here today, along with the founder of the Overflow Foundation, Terry Lee.

And it’s very sad, but as Terry explains, Overflow exists because of the Lee family’s tragic loss four years ago.

“Right. Jennie, it is a difficult month for the Lee family. September, 2018 is when we lost our oldest son, Philip, Jr. to suicide. Following a period of time and rehabilitation, but also succumbing to severe depression as part of his mental illness. And so it has been a painful journey, but one that is extremely purposeful for us now. As we continue to move forward in our pain, to be able to reach other people who may be struggling.”

Overflow is a non-profit organization.

“And that mental health education piece is very important because we train not only first responders, but anyone who is interested in learning more about mental health and mental health challenges. So that all of us can recognize earlier the signs and symptoms of someone who may be struggling. And so that we know the things that we need to do and say to assist someone and to get them to their next level of care, if that’s necessary. And sometimes it may not be something really complicated. It may be something like just lending a listening ear, listening non-judgmentally and letting individuals know that we care. I’ve learned that that’s one of the most pivotal parts is just listening.”

Watch the clip above to learn more about Overflow, and to see one of Cody’s videos and hear him sing!

Mark your calendar now for Saturday, Sept. 24 (rainout day Sunday, September 25) at Generations Park in AIken. There will be live music, food trucks and non-alcoholic drinks for the whole family.

Admission is free… 6:00 – 9:00pm… and you’ll want to bring a lawn chair!!