Looking for a unique gift? Signature Mike joins us with a 2-minute tip that may have you rethinking the way you bring flowers into your space.

Michael Siewert is the owner of Signature Interiors. To book a consultation call (706) 447-1503.

“How many times do we get fresh flowers from a loved one? Or maybe we buy them for ourselves? We place them in the kitchen. We put them in the bathroom. We find a place that we can enjoy them all week, but little by little, a flower will die from the arrangement or you have to change the water because it starts to smell. You’ve spent 20, $25 for these flowers.

“What about these fake flowers? They might cost a little bit more, but they last for years. And what’s great about these, there’s so many opportunities to use these around the house. This would look lovely in the kitchen for a while. Maybe then you could move it into the bathroom. Maybe it’s in a bookcase on the living room. But these can move around the house a little bit. So you can enjoy them in different spaces.

“If you want no color at all, you just want a little green, these succulents are great. They work around the house as well. It, a little green freshens up every space, whether it’s in your bedroom, your living room, your dining room, you can throw this in a little collage with picture frames or something, just works really great. But don’t hesitate to give a gift of something like this, that’s gonna last a lot longer. And your loved one will think about you a lot longer, too.”