Jennie: 13th Annual Historic Beech Island Tour


The Beech Island Historical Society is devoted to collecting, preserving, and presenting the history of our country and particularly the rich history of the Beech Island, South Carolina area. The 13th Annual Historic Beech Island Tour is coming up this Saturday, April 27th.

“You just get in your car and drive around and you can go in any order, stop as long as you want to and finish when you want to, or come by the historical site and get something to drink, and rest, then go back.”

Jackie Bartley is the president of the Beech Island Historical Society, Inc.  

“So, everybody knows Beech Island for the Redcliffe Plantation. But there’s more to it. So that’s why we’ve decided to have one day when lots of these places were open, all open and you could just drive around and see what you wanted to see that day.”

Places like historical churches, homes, cemetaries and the Beech Island Country Store.

“Yeah, and we’ve been collecting artifacts for the country store, old town things that you would see in a country store. We have country stores that go way back in the 1800s, so, we’re gonna try to give some history on all the country stores and have this where children can go in and see what they actually sold in those country stores.”

The 13th Annual Beech Island Tour is April 27th from 10am – 5pm. Tickets range from $15 to $25 depending on whether you get them in advance and whether you’re a senior. Call 803-867-3600 or click here for more information.

“The barbecue’s from 11am – 1pm. Last year, we sold out at 12:30. It’s locally made, we have someone that does our barbecue for us. It’s at the Beech Island Historical Society between our building and our agricultural museum building.”

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