JENNIE: 10th Annual Team Zeta Golf Tournament April 27


Zeta Brabham was born in March of 2010 with unimaginable medical problems, spending much of her three years on this earth in the hospital hooked up to machines. But as her family recalls, she always had a smile on her face.

Mom Angel Brabham says they learned powerful lessons about faith from a little girl who never spoke a word.

“I mean it sounds kind of bad to say it, but we were like excited because she was doing this typical baby thing.”

They knew there was a problem with her kidney, but never anticipated that virtually all of her organs would have problems:  the brain and heart were just the beginning.

“I knew I was gonna have to quit work because, you know, she needs all the attention she can get to give her the life that she’s supposed to have. The only thing that I want is for my baby to know that I love her and for her to love me and those two things definitely happened.

She started blogging after Zeta’s birth. It became a way for her to share her feelings, frustrations, and her faith. Her blog has reached more than 45,000 people. Zeta died in 2013, when she was 3 years old.

Now, the Team Zeta Golf Tourament is a passion for the Brabham family.

“We didn’t know the meaning of community support until that time in our lives. I mean, we grew up in small area. Everybody knew everybody, but when we had that, you know we were working through everything with Zeta, just the out pouring of love and the support, you know, whether it be financially or just the spiritual aspect, we had so much support. Just amazing to see how God worked in those things you know. It was a time where I felt like, there were times where we went, ‘Why me, why me?’ And in those instances, just things would happen that were unexplainable, that kind of gave the meaning behind what was going on. We couldn’t see the big picture of it, and we still question the big picture sometimes. You know, any time you lose a child you’re gonna question the big picture. But, throughout the whole season of that, there are so many little things that guide us to different people who maybe we can help or assist.”

The Team Zeta 10th anniversary golf tournament is coming up.Saturday, April 27th at Sweetwater Country Club in Barnwell.  It starts at 8am.  You can register on the Team Zeta Golf Tournament Facebook page or by calling 803-300-0984.

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