JENNIE: 10th annual Symphony of Kitchens Tour coming up March 9th


The 10th annual Augusta Symphony Guilds Symphony of Kitchens tour is coming up Saturday, March 9th. It features seven houses in west Augusta, including homes on Walton Way and Wheeler Road,

You’ll also enjoy cooking demonstrations, floral presentations, music, and tempting food tastings.

Karin Calloway is the President of the Augusta Symphony Guild and she’s here not to tell us a little bit more about what has become a really fun annual event.

“It is a blast. There’s lots of great ideas too. If you’re into renovation or remodeling or you just want some ideas for how to make better use of the space you already have in your existing kitchen, lots of that. You get peeks into homes.You don’t get to see the whole home, but you do get to see a lot of different spaces as you’re entering and exiting. So there’s lots of neat inspiration if you like to decorate and think about your home.”

Karin explains, Augusta Symphony Guild, which is the fundraising arm of Augusta Symphony, is made up of about 100 volunteers.

“We do fundraising with the kitchen tour. We do the cotillion, you know the debutante ball right after Thanksgiving? Then, we sell the ads that you see in the program at the symphony. We help them with some education and outreach and also with our youth assistance. Because ya know, if you have a thriving arts community, it’s gonna make your whole community stronger because it attracts businesses. If a business is looking to come to an area, if you have a strong arts community, that’s a viable community to move into.”

You can buy tickets onlike at  Also, on the day of the tour, there are three townhomes on Walton Way, really close to Augusta University, (2401, 2405, 2407) where you can start the tour and buy tickets there.

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