Former WJBF reporter shares tips on how to win big on a game show


Our former colleague, Archith Seshadri talks about his career adventures- and his moment in the spotlight with Snoop Dog and Questlove! 

It started with a text back on June 12th:  A screenshot of a letter announcing that Archith’s appearance on The $100,000 Pyramid would air Sunday. June 24th on ABC.

Those of us in the WJBF newsroom, who had worked some 10 years ago, we’re super excited to see our old buddy make his big debut: and he did great! He won $61,000!

Archith has had international reporting and anchoring jobs since leaving Augusta.  Here’s his story.

“So I was here in 2010 ’til 2013, so almost 3 1/2 years, so it’s almost been five years. Which is really hard to believe, that I’ve known you guys for almost a decade. You’ve seen me as a little cub reporter who walked in, and I went to Charlotte, went to Atlanta.”

And Archith has had some amazing opportunities since he left Channel Six!

“Thanks to this place. This place prepared me well. I went to Charlotte for about two years, went to the Fox station, then went to CNN International, then there was an opportunity that opened up in India. I always wanted to study abroad, and you create your own opportunities, and you have to go. If you keep doing the same thing, nothing is going to change.”

Below, Archith shares his top tips to winning big on a game show.


TIP #1 – BE PRESENT — CALM, FOCUSED AND PRESENT (stay in the moment, get in the zone, smile, and on one round at a time, don’t plan too many steps ahead — I didn’t pay attention to the overall scores but just stayed focused on getting as many right in the current round) 
IGNORE THE PAST: Don’t get stuck on a bad round or a bad situation but just keep moving forward and go with your gut! Sometimes it is better to grab what we can than wait for a perfect opportunity (i.e. we had a bad round with names but we killed the next 2 rounds with Snoop and won)

TIP #2 – BE POSITIVE — FOCUS ON YOUR POSITIVES (play up your strengths, stay optimistic, I was a stronger communicator/clue giver so I decided to do that instead of be a guesser which worked well to my advantage, the game was about being efficient and painting a picture of the scene — so try to break down the words and explain it quickly without necessarily sticking to a category, don’t waste time trying to fix what you don’t know — chances are you probably will use your time better polishing your craft than fixing your flaws,  I also communicated to Snoop Dogg that hip hop albums/artists were not my areas of expertise)

TIP #3 – BE PREPARED (whether it is an interview, a meeting or a game show — know what you are going to get into. I watched many many episodes of the old game show versions, studied the questions, made lists/categories in a log book, practiced with my friends and family, bought the old board games, and studied tips online about what to do on game day. Although the game seems easy at home, when the casting producers would quiz us and do practice rounds, I asked them to keep a timer so I would know how much time I had left. I also studied all of season 1 and season 2 questions and tried to find patterns! Same goes for job interviews or meeting someone — be well rehearsed so you can be as ready as you can be! PRACTICE PERFECT MAKES PERFECT!

TIP #4 – PRIORITIZE (make sure you know what is important — in this game, it’s not about how many you get right but as long as you get more points than your opponent. It’s not about getting a perfect score — it’s about just doing the best you can and finding ways to be strategic. I didn’t know PRINCE songs (may have gotten Purple Rain) but I figured lets skip it and come back to it which worked out better because we banked $9000 with the other 2 boxes! It’s almost never a good thing to go FIRST 
FIRST MOVE DISADVANTAGE: Going first is usually a disadvantage (luckily I lost the coin toss and got to play second which means I had more time to study the board on what categories to pick). 

TIP #5 – TAKE RISKS (taking the safe road will never get you anything too far — someone said if you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results, you are insane. You should always be strategic and ASK at the right time — if you don’t ask, the answer is NO! But also know when to ask — find the right time. I was a strong clue giver, so I asked if I could give the clues to Snoop. Also, I wanted to fly a day earlier to New York and make it a Mother’s Day trip so I asked (even if it meant paying for 1 extra night of hotel). 

TIP #6 – BE YOU! (don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, if you are good at something say it, if you like something own it, it’s perfectly to let loose and be yourself, add humor and feel free to laugh at yourself and show your vulnerable side). This is one of the most unique advantages you have — if you don’t know something, it is perfectly OK — just admit it and move on! 
BUILD YOUR BRAND: Gain momentum by posting periodically and engaging on social media and letting people know what it is you want and are doing (9, noon and 3 are good times) and doing preview pieces and post FB lives/media interviews after
HASHTAG: Create one or two unique hashtag so people can find you or those posts or you can aggregate that content later on 

TIP #7 – BE NICE, THANKFUL + GRATEFUL! (be genuine, smile, be happy for other people, everyone is trying to be successful, during the waiting period — we all were trying to be positive and encouraging for each other and not look at each other as cut throat competition. We even wished that hopefully we will each win something like some cash, some trip etc. We stayed positive and grateful for being chosen as contestants. We also stayed upbeat that this was once in a lifetime opportunity and to use this wisely. Winning or losing wasn’t the point — walk away with the experience that very few people can and leverage the opportunity well to open new doors!  

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