FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember marriage retreat coming to Augusta in October


**CONGRATULATIONS to our Weekend to Remember winners, Jennifer & Larry Dixon.**

Mike and Wendy Perry are the founders of Catalyst Executive Advising and Development. They’re also responsible for bringing back the Weekend to Remember Marriage Retreat and Conference returned to Augusta last fall after an eight year absence.

Wendy here is a seasoned leader and she’s a registered nurse who served 21 years in the Army. And Mike is a leadership consultant, trainer, and coach and a retired Army psychologist.

They’re here today to talk about their commitment to building stronger marriages. They began a couples ministry at their church in 2012. They took a group to Atlanta to a Weekend to Remember event, just as a way to help us to do something outside of the area.

It wasn’t long before FamilyLife asked if they would help to bring that event back to the Augusta area.

“You know, we get our cars maintained, right? People get their oil changed on a routine basis. People get their air conditioners maintained every year and yet they get married and they set it and they kinda forget it. And so the idea behind the Weekend to Remember, just one of those things that allows you to get away so that you can come together. I think what some people find surprising is that you can be in a room of hundreds of people and feel like you’re the only couple there. It’s pretty amazing.”

Wendy explains that it’s not just for married couples, but engaged couples a well.

“It doesn’t matter, there’s a pre-married session that is for couples who are together and they just wanna make sure they start off right. There are many couples that come back year after year. And so they’ve been, but they come again and again. And it’s because you get that time that’s exclusive to spending just the two of you together.

“There are several speakers that come in and there are different speakers each time. And so you’ll have a couple that really much runs and speaks the entire weekend. And then you have individual speakers. And there are breakout sessions.”

Mike says it’s about learning God’s plan for marriage.

“And as part of that planning and that behind the scenes work, we actually personally went through and prayed over each chair that was in the ballroom.”

The Weekend to Remember Marriage Retreat and Conference is coming up October the 26th – 28th at the Augusta Marriott and Convention Center. It’s $149.99 per person. BUT you can save $75 right now by entering the code EBAUGUSTA.

And Wendy says there are other codes to save even more money.

“So, enter code OGBCEvans and you save $100! That is a great discount. And then if you’re military, because we love our military families, they can attend for just $99 for both. We’re thankful for their service. We both served and so we think it’s an awesome thing that they do.”

There are also opportunities for CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP, where businesses can purchase gift cards for their employees, with substantial savings as more couples are added. Tell your employer about it, and if YOU are the employer, remember workers who are happy in their marriages are more productive! 

For more information, contact Mike and Wendy at

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