AUGUSTA. GA ( WJBF) — Grantski Records store owner, Evan Grantski, wants to give back to the local artist community in a big way with a stage to prop up their talent.

“First and foremost, I needed more space,” said Grantski.

Evan said Grantski Records started off as a 600-square-foot storefront off of Central Avenue, but now resides in a two thousand square foot business.

“So, I needed more foot traffic, more surrounding businesses. Central Avenue is great, but not a whole lot going on as far as foot traffic goes,” said Grantski.

Grantski Records is known for catering to its customers with ‘Record Store Day,’ preorder releases, and seasonal sales. A larger space has Grantski thinking “larger than life” about ways to bring more attention to not only his business but local artists as well.

“We used to have live music on Central. It’s a tiny place. We could fit maybe twenty people in there at a time, which is small–twenty people plus the band.
And, just having live bands in an atmosphere that it’s all about music. We sell music, we talk about music. It just makes sense to have live music.
So, coming down here we decided that we wanted to find a place big enough to have a stage and live music from time to time with local artists as well as touring artists,” said Grantski.

An employee for Grantski Records, Jonah Lewis, said he cannot wait to hold live shows and just be able to crack the door open and have that wall of sound rushing out downtown.

“You can really be off of like Seventh or Eighth Street and like all live performances
when you open that door anywhere downtown people will hear that and a lot of people get curious and want to walk down there,” said Lewis.

As Grantski awaits the final touches to the stage, he is also planning an event in support of the local artist platform. To check out what Grantski Records has to offer, visit their website for more information.