AUGUSTA. GA ( WJBF) — A local rock band strives to make an impression in the CSRA of Augusta with their thunderous sound piercing through the walls of a neighboring record store.

From walking down Broad Street people will see instrumentalists playing music. At Grantski Records, customers will definitely hear a jam session competing with the music surrounding it. The bystanders wondering who they are their name is Krypt.

“It was just something random honestly. I guess I was the one that came up with the name. We did that. We thought about changing it at one point, but there was no reason to,” said Julian Chew.

Krypt may be the band’s name legitimizing a team, but Chew says the music is what brings every band member together in open arms.

“It brings like a comradery around to everybody. I feel like it’s the most welcoming music community
because everyones’ willing to allow new people in that community. I feel like that’s one of the reasons why I enjoy being a part of that,” said Chew.

Some bands are built through childhood ties and then there are some that are put together where ever the wind takes them.

“I kind of knew Mikey because we lived across from each other on the breezeway of this apartment complex. And, one day I had this guitar order come in and he watched it while I was at work and then we just became friends like that and just messing around together playing guitar. But in January of 2019 I put an ad out for looking for a drummer and that’s how we found Adam cause he responded to the ad and was interested. Sent him a recording of the song I wrote and he likes what he heard and we just went from there. And we had a different bass player than Adam had known in the past for like 25 years who recently passed away and it just started like that pretty much it was January 26th of 2019,”

– Julian Chew

That may be the origin of how the band members met, but their introduction to the genre is quite nostalgic.

“My first introduction to heavier music was like…you know them on the radio.
Yeah you know I was like ten years old or something and then
I got more into heavier stuff like … Integrity. Stuff like that,” said Brandon Carpenter.

“The first time I went to see like a metal show and it wasn’t like a conscious effort it was more like a friend of mine his brother taking us. I went to see a show at a…It use to be like a venue called Sector 7 G and I saw a band called Toxic Holocaust with The Black Dahlia Murder on Halloween in 2009. So I was ten years old. And that was like my first time seeing metal, but I got into it a year later and that became like a bigger thing for me,” said Chew.

Chew said Krypt particularly plays a sub-genre called thrash metal. The sub-genre is a mix of oldschool and heavy metal. However, Brandon says the sub-genre doesn’t quite focus on skill.

“It’s not supposed to be pretty sounding. Yeah, it’s doing it yourself. Like people that maybe don’t have a knack for playing music but they still want to be in a band and they can learn three cords and just play fast,” said Carpenter.

For more information and updates regards to where people can find Krypt’s music check out their website.