Hillcrest Farms has ribbon cutting ceremony for tourism center

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DEARING, Ga. (WJBF) – Hillcrest Farms held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the official opening of its tourism center.

The farm is Georgia’s first robotic dairy and now people will be able to go see how the process works.

“Now, we are milking cows with robots. They are getting milked when they want to and as often as they would like. We’re really trying to make life comfortable for our cows and we’d like to show other people what it is that we do, how we do it, and let people learn where their milk actually comes from,” said Crop Manager Andy Rodgers.

Hillcrest Farms Tours will let people into the farm’s robotics observation room. There will also be a tractor tour showing how the cows live. It’s all part of bridging the gap between consumers and farmers.

“I work for you. You’re my consumer. So, in reality, I work for my consumer. I’m not self-employed. So, I want you to know where your food comes from, how it’s produced, and all the work and love that goes into it,” said owner Mark Rodgers.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony saw residents from all over Dearing celebrate. The Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture and Mayor of Dearing also showed up to discuss the farm’s importance.

“I think that helps build consumer confidence. It helps bring pride in community and it does keep our resources here locally,” said Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Gary Black.

“Having this robotic facility is a huge deal here in the town of Dearing. If we get some tourism in here and it’s great for the local businesses, for the local convenience store, for the local restaurant…it’s a big deal for this little town,” said Mayor Sean Kelley.

To find out more about Hillcrest Farms and their touring center CLICK HERE .


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