Community comes together to help after school program start lawn care business

AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – Good Neighbor Ministries founded the Boys with a Future program in 2019. The after school program recently started its own lawn care business and its getting a lot of support from the community.

“We got a major gift from someone to purchase a riding lawn mower, but we didn’t have a way to transport it. So, I put it on our Facebook page that we really needed a trailer. If we get a trailer, then we can buy the lawn mower…and I was getting some response, but it wasn’t until Austin Rhodes saw my post, put the post on his page, and the whole sky opened up,” said the programs director Russell Joel Brown.

It wasn’t long until the post blew up and people reached out to help.

“So many people responded. Think there might have been 260 or 280 responses and someone donated exactly the right type of trailer we needed. Another organization, Rental Quip, is giving up a brand new zero turn lawn mower. Someone else offered a weed eater. Someone else offered another trailer. I couldn’t believe how extreme the response was,” said Brown.

“It’s such a great group of young men with such a special mission and such a specific mission that when people in the landscaping business heard about it, they knew how easy it would be to help out by chipping in and it just worked out beautifully and that community really came together for those young men, no doubt,” said radio host Austin Rhodes.

Boys with a Future is now ready to get down to business and are thankful for the help they received.

“I was really shocked. Ain’t nobody ever gave nothing to me or help me with nothing,” said the groups one girl Francheska Knight.

“It’s Augusta. When we have a problem, the community pitches in,” said Brown.

“It’s a huge blessing for them to reach out to us and just help us,” said member Jacob Odom.

“CSRA represents a lot of different neighborhoods, a lot of different communities, but we are one big happy family when it comes to missions like this. There’s no doubt in the world that everyone was going to reach out if they could and help Russell and his kids,” said Rhodes.

“Don’t nobody got to take the time out of their day and give us anything. Nobody has to do that, but it was the kindness of their heart. I really appreciate it,” said member Marcus Odom.

“These young people see we’re not in this alone. We have a whole community that’s supporting us and I…for me it means…this is where I’m from. This is Augusta. This is my hometown and my hometown shows up,” said Brown.

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