Augusta veteran and mom of five creates new parental monitoring app

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Jennifer Flagge says since the start of the pandemic, she has noticed an incredible increase in her kids’ phone usage. When she started searching for a parental monitoring app, she couldn’t find one that suited her family’s needs…so she created her own.

“Nothing like this exists. There are some great parental control apps, and there are some great educational apps, but nothing that marries the two,” Flagge said.

Flagge began working with an app development team in September to create an app that allows parents to monitor their children’s phones from their own.

“The app is called Brain Break. It’s got four main features. One feature allows the parent to set a daily allotment of screen time,” Flagge said.

Once a child has reached their allotted screen time, all apps automatically lock.

The next feature allows parents to set an app use schedule, like disabling apps during school hours. This does not prevent the child from calling and texting, as Flagge says that could create a safety issue in an emergency situation.

The app also allows parents to set “Brain Breaks” during screen time to promote learning. These breaks display quizzes that must be completed before the kid can resume app usage.

“They would do grade level appropriate work. Math questions, English reading. As a parent I can choose if I want the break to be according to time. Every 15 minutes, take a 5 minute break,” Flagge said.

The final feature is app blocking, which allows parents to see what apps are on their kids phones, and parents can block apps individually. Parents also receive a notification when a new app is downloaded.

Flagge says she believes this feature will encourage conversations about safety between parents and kids.

“I feel like the children need to learn. But just giving them free reign, especially at the young ages kids are getting phones now, that’s concerning for me,” Flagge said.

A subscription to the app is $10/month, and parents can download it on an unlimited amount of devices.

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