GROVETOWN, GA. (WJBF) – A different kind of car show is revving up in Grovetown.

Never Satisfied Builds is hosting its 3rd annual Toys for Tots Auto Show. Unlike other car shows — kids will be the judges and get to pick their favorite vehicle. The goal of the event is to collect a large number of toys for children in need.

“Honestly, there’s so many kids nowadays that are just slack on toys. Families are losing their jobs and stuff with everything that’s been going on. So, we really want to try and give back as much as we can to the kids,” said Owner of Never Satisfied Builds, Merk Stopher.

While the goal of the event is to collect toys, the folks at Never Satisfied Builds also want to host an event families can enjoy together.

“A standard car show nowadays is a lot of younger crowd or older crowd. You can’t really bring your children to it because of vulgar music that’s being played real loud or revving or whatever. I wanted something that was so family-oriented that you could bring your kids, let them go take photos…we have people that are letting kids sit in their cars. I really wanted to push this to where kids could come out and enjoy it and be intrigued by doing something automotive in the future,” said Stopher.

So, whether you’re someone who loves cars or someone who wants to support a good cause, Toys for Tots Auto Show is something you definitely want to check out.

“To be able to give back to kids that are in need, especially right now, is just the biggest part for me,” said Stopher.

The event takes place at the Columbia County Exhibition Center, Saturday, December 11th, from 12p.m. to 6 p.m.