SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Visitors from across the world descend on Savannah, Georgia, with dreams of slowing down, smelling the roses and recharging, in a town that moves at a different speed. 

And while you could spend an afternoon strolling through shady squares or taking in the summer breeze meandering through moss-covered live oaks, one of the Hostess City’s favorite ways to relax doesn’t involve walking at all.

Check out the Georgia Queen, an impressive 230 ft., three-story replica riverboat t docked on the River Street Wharf.  It can carry a 1,000 passengers eager to step back in time to the days when life along the Savannah River revolved around sternwheelers.  The Georgia Queen features three grand ballrooms, 15,000 square ft. of dining area and an open-air top deck that’s bigger than an NBA basketball court, and just as fun. 

Captain James Peters is at the helm today.

“Visiting Savannah, this is probably the best package deal for a family,” the captain said. “I bet you it would cost about the same as a movie once you throw in popcorn, drinks and snacks — and it’s really a once in a lifetime opportunity to come out on a historic boat like this.”

Elizabeth Flores, a visitor from Miami, Florida, agrees.

“I was reading different reviews and just what to do in Savannah, Georgia and everything about what they said about this boat — they said the tour is amazing and I can see why,” she said.

“We saw the big container ships,” said Preston Gray from Charlotte, North Carolina. “We’re on the savannah River and it’s like being on the Mississippi.”

And new Savannah resident Brandon William said: “The food here is great.” That’s thanks to Executive Chef Jamie Carver and his three kitchens aboard the Queen. He puts in a lot of work feeding a thousand guests and takes a lot of pride in what comes out of his kitchen.

“Customers love our food, they love our shrimp and grits,” Carver said. “We’re known for our fried chicken, and I’ll put a hundred dollar bill on my fried chicken against anybody here in the city.”

Then there’s the sunset, which is the perfect capper and seems to bring out the romantic in everyone.

So when you’re looking for great Savannah adventure, you’ll appreciate the good side of the city when you hitch a ride on the Georgia Queen.

You can find more information about Savannah Riverboat Cruises and the Georgia Queen online here.