BATH, N.C. (WNCT) – Bath, North Carolina was first incorporated as a town in 1705, making it the state’s oldest town. 

Laura Rogers is the Site Manager at Historic Bath. 

She explains, “I think if you want to learn anything about North Carolina history this is a good place to start.”

Visitors can learn about The Palmer Marsh House which was built in 1751 or the Bonner House which is from the 1830s

It even has ties to someone infamous.

“We know that Blackbeard probably lived here during the last 6ish months of his life. He probably walked the streets of Bath throughout his time in Bath and his crew was also around,” says Rogers. 

Bath is about the same size as when it was founded and has beauty at every corner. 

Walking its streets can feel like going back in time. 

George Ann Wellford couldn’t wait to show her out-of-town friends this hidden gem. 

“You’re in the open. You can walk and read all the history and it’s fascinating,” she says. 

After taking a stroll through historic Bath and seeing the sites of the town you can sit back and enjoy some ice cream over the water at Quarterdeck or head up the road to Old Town Country Kitchen for a meal. 

Robin Boyd is the owner of the restaurant. 

She describes it as a place people come in and feel at home, but it’s about more than just food.

Boyd explains, “Mostly it’s just the people, we’re a tight knit community. A lot of families have been here for generations and so it’s truly the people that are the special spot in Beaufort County.”