One year since the Georgia Cyber Center has changed life here, in such a short time

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) —- In year one, the $100,000,000 Georgia Cyber Center has impacted everyone’s life in the River Region. From cyber education and enterprise businesses to an increase in traffic; you are living differently because of the cyber center.

So, how does the addition of the cyber center impact you?

Eric Toler says the center has created more jobs, and soon all businesses will have a cybersecurity component.

“Someone is going to have to provide that service, either you hire them on, or you hire a company to provide that service for you,” said Toler.

With more jobs open, more people will be needed to fill them. The executive director for the Georgia Cyber Center says they’re expecting about 10,000 employees to move here in the next several months.

“Most of those have families so that you will see an increase, particularly in the cyber intelligence and the IT field coming to Augusta,” explained Toler.

Parents, you will see a change in your kids’ school work. Toler says cybersecurity and stem-related classes will soon be required in schools.

“My personal goal is to have Augusta University in the top 50 schools in computer science,” said Augusta University’s dean for the school of computer and cyber sciences, Alexander Schwarzmann.

Cyber experts say the huge influx of families will be coming from Fort Meade, Maryland.

“We are changing our opinions. We are creating a very different image of what Augusta is,” explained Schwarzmann.

The cyber center is on track to become one of the largest technology schools in the country.

“We are expecting 50 or so instructors, postdoctoral researchers,” said Schwarzmann. “There will be close to 1,000 undergraduate students, and 100 doctoral students here and possibly as many master students.”

Toler says, there is no escaping the cyber boom, but it will take the community working together to foster the growth it brings.

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