AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- The 2023 TechNet Augusta Conference is almost over. But local and regional entrepreneurs we spoke to say it’s been a great week. 

“This is my second time here at TechNet Augusta,” said Melva Squires. “I’m new with Millennium, and just seeing the growth from last year has been exponentially amazing.”

Squires is with Millennium, a company that provides training and cyber security solutions to better protect the teams’ networks.

The corporation not only partners with 18 historically Black colleges and universities, but also works with Brown Girl’s Code to spark interest in this field for young girls.  

“A lot of young girls, especially depending on the background that they come from, don’t have the opportunity to be in this type of environment. So she brings them here and exposes them to everything in regards to STEAM,” said Squires.

Other reps from businesses who help our military say they enjoy coming to this event every year too.

“It’s a great venue for us, and again to get together with the user, the requirements community and the acquisition community,” said Cubic Senior VP for Strategy Development James Terry.

Axellio’s CEO Scott Aken says this event gives his company the chance to make valuable connections with potential customers.

“The ratio of customers or actually government personnel to contractors is very high here. So you’re able to talk to customers virtually every single day, get with the people you need to help understand what their requirements are, and make sure you can fulfill them,” said Aken.

The last day for the TechNet event is tomorrow, but the entrepreneurs are already looking ahead. 

“I just hope to meet, network, and connect with my partners in the cyber security community, the greater Augusta area, and I’m just honestly looking forward to the next TechNet 2024,” said Squires.

TechNet Augusta will be back at the Augusta Marriott next summer between August 19th through the 22nd.