Cyber Center gets praise from Georgia State Senator Butch Miller during visit

Cyber Insider

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Georgia State Senator Butch Miller, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, recently met with local leaders about the Cyber Center.

“The people of Georgia and the people of the United States of America will greatly benefit from the technology, from the research, and from the dedication of the individuals and the companies working at the Cyber Center. The Cyber Center is going to continue to move Augusta forward and the Augusta region forward in a very, very positive way. What we have here is a benchmark, we have a formula, we have a plan that we’re going to expertly execute by the experts that are in this Cyber Center right here in Augusta, Georgia, and we’re going to duplicate those efforts throughout the state and the nation,” said Miller.

Miller says Augusta, and the region, have been positively impacted by the Cyber Center which has brought in new jobs, investments, technology, and more.

“As I travel around the country, in fact, a couple of times even out of the country, I had people ask me directly about the Cyber Center. The Cyber Center is going to be the cornerstone of our national security and our technology going forward,” said Miller.

State Senator Miller got the opportunity to tour the cyber center. He also held a meet and greet at Fat Man’s Cafe.

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