AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The CodeFu program has made its way from California to Georgia. The organization saw an opportunity in Augusta’s cyber industry, and now they’re teaching kids as young as five-years-old how to code.

“The curriculum is designed for the age group, so we have everything from intro to website design to scratch junior to Minecraft,” Augusta CodeFu owner and operator, Jennifer Moran said.

This is the first chapter outside of California.

“We actually incorporate things like tai chi and kung Fu into the program,” Moran said. “So at the beginning of the class, the kids will do like some kung Fu stretches, or tai chi, sometimes when they’re getting a little busy body, especially if they’re in there for six hours, we’ll so some kind of meditation.”

In the summer, they host camps for six hours a day, and in the fall they host after school programs for one hour a day.

“We’e running summer programs throughout all six of the boys and girls club locations as far as Washington County, so we’re at all six locations there,” Moran said. “We also have several programs that we’re running at Augusta Prep.”

Moran says the enrollment has been excellent thus far.

“Right now with the boys and girls clubs, they have as many kids as 100 kids at each location. So our enrollment, typically there is a little bit larger,” Moran said. “Typically, our classes are about maybe 10-15 students at most.”

Moran says she hopes this program will open doors in the cyber industry for kids here in Augusta.

“Instead of hearing that computer science can be very scary, but that they actually have fun, because that’s a big part of it,” Moran said. “We’re introducing them to the idea of coding, so we want them to have a good time, but also be able to think critically, to solve problems.”