BSides Augusta cyber conference offers tips on cybersecurity

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — It’s the big question for most computer-users: how to keep cybercriminals from breaking into networks.

“Install of your patches,” said BSides Augusta co-founder, Mark Baggett. “Keep your anti-virus software up to date, and don’t go to untrusted websites.”

The seventh annual BSides Augusta cyber conference is answering questions like that, and many more. Baggett told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, the meeting shows the community how to protect personal and professional data.

“Everybody has a network at their house today,” explained Baggett. “Everybody has something they can go and defend and start implementing some of the things to protect themselves and to build those skills up. So they are ready to jump in the job market, to fill some of these positions we need to be filled.”

One of the big attention grabbers this year is teaching folks how to pick locks that keep items safe. Baggett says that goes hand-in-hand with how easily hackers can break into your computer.

“For hackers, it’s the same when it comes to those passwords that you set on your systems or those updates,” said Baggett. “The first time you break in the system, you start to look at the computer differently.”

This cyber expert says criminals do not discriminate. A lot of smaller companies have targets on their backs.

“Keeping the anti-virus software up to date doesn’t seem like it’s directly going to impact their ability to help their customers to build their product,” explained Baggett. “It’s like this extra thing they have to do, that necessarily doesn’t show up in the bottom line.”

Because it’s not if a cyber attack happens, but when it happens.

“It is inconvenient,” said Baggett. “Often time it’s less inconvenient than having your social security numbers and identity stolen.”

More than 1,000 cyber-security professionals are expected to attend what has become the third-largest international event.

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