Augusta University teaching students to secure their digital lifestyle with 7-day cyber camp

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — For the past five years, the School of Computer & Cyber Sciences at Augusta University has hosted a seven-day residential cyber camp for high school juniors and seniors. It’s called “GenCyber” summer camp, and the mission is to grow the number of students studying cybersecurity.

“Just cybersecurity in general or even computer science,” said camp counselor, David Peeler. “It’s a broad field, and there are many things you can do, go out it and explore.”

Peeler is a sophomore at Georgia Tech. He has been with GenCyber since it started when he was a student-camper.

“It’s a great experience and it sets them up for real education in college,” said Peeler.”

Other counselors say this year’s camp is special. They had more girls to sign up. Eight in total.

“It’s like kind of disappointing but also like really cool,” explained Aniyah Bussey. “Because we did break that barrier.”

“It definitely feels nice that I’m achieving something bigger, like to change something that’s been pretty constant in society,” said Sabrina Liu.

Both Bussey and Liu tell me their goal is to beat the boys in the robot competition.

“Oh, definitely,” said Bussey. “We also out-number a boy in our group.”

Gencyber has 122 camps offered during the summer. One student traveled from Connecticut to be here.

“My mom was like, why don’t you look across the country to see what’s out there,” explained Andrew Tran. “We found this; they were pretty happy to find a free camp from one of the best schools.”

Andrew told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, other camps were charging about $5,000. He hopes his time Augusta well guide him in the right career path.

“Right now, we are doing a lot with programming and coding, which is very good and the bases of what we need to know,” said Tran. “However, I want to get a little bit more of the security part of that.”

The GenCyber camp may be one way to bring more people, like Andrew, into the Garden City’s growing industry.

The student campers will put their skills to the test with a robotics competition. 12 teams will compete with the robots they built in a week. That competition begins on June 28th.

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