Update on Flowing Wells Road widening project

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Flowing Wells Road is already bumper to bumper.  Now that school is back in session, drivers say it’s even worse. 

Mike Tuttle lives on Flowing Wells Road, next to Martinez Elementary School. He says a planned widening project can’t happen soon enough.

“It”s getting aggravating because if I have to go anywhere, say a doctors appointment, sometimes I just have to wait for someone to let me out. I can’t make the turn,” says Tuttle.

Tuttle has lived here for 21 years and has seen Flowing Wells Road develop through the years. 

“When I first moved here it was a two lane road, it had ditches on both sides. It was easy to get in and out but not anymore.”

Tuttle says the county bought part of his land to move utility lines which Traffic Engineering Director Steve Cassell says will come before the actual widening.

“Hopefully by the end of this year, you’ll see the utility polls start getting out of the way,” says Cassell. “Of course we have underground utilities such as water that will have to be moved.”

Cassell says the county has one parcel left to purchase but they have enough land to start the project. 

“Once we start, it should be a two year project which is our projection right now,” says Cassell.

“Come down here around 5:30 or 6 in the afternoon. You can’t get in or out around here so if widening the road will help that, it will be worth it,” says Tuttle.

The county is also working on acquiring land and getting bids for the planned widening of Lewiston Road.

Cassell says they hope to get that project started by next spring.

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