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Two drivers taken to the hospital after an early morning collision on I-20 WB

(WJBF) - Early Thursday morning, two tractor trailer trucks collided on Interstate 20 in Aiken County, injuring the drivers and shutting down traffic for hours.

South Carolina Highway Patrol is trying to figure out exactly what caused the crash.

One wrecker says he's surprised the drivers are still alive.  

"I was actually the first recovery unit on the scene and this one was a bad one."

Earl Brandon with Broome Towing and Recovery describes the scene he witnessed after the two 18 wheeler trucks collided. 

"There was debris scattered everywhere on the road, both lanes of the interstate where shut down."

Crews were on the scene for several hours to ensure the roads were safe for drivers. 

"We first moved the truck out of the road and moved the trailer out of the road so we could start cleaning up and recovering everything we need to be safe and get the road open as soon as possible."

He says an accident can occur in seconds but it's the cleanup that can take the longest. 

"If a truck rolls over, you have diesel fuel and oil, the debris from the cab, the drivers belongings, as you can tell it was scattered for probably 3 or 400 yards." 

He says as a truck driver, the best way to avoid accidents like these is to stay aware of your surroundings. 

"The biggest thing about being safe on the roads is paying attention ahead of you. Drivers get tired, I know tow truck drivers do. We go and we go when we're called the major thing is be safe pay attention ahead of you and its not your driving you have to worry about its everyone around you most of the time." 

No word on the extent on the driver's injuries.






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