The Rural Emergency Practice Conference

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Medical professionals from Alabama and even Florida made the trip to Augusta to learn more about new and innovative ways to treat patients. 

“A lot of times if the hospital can’t provide the services, they have to send them to Augusta, Savannah or Atlanta,” said emergency medicine Dr. Matt Lyon.

Although, doctors don’t want you to travel far to get treated.

Dr. Lyon explained, “We see patients coming in from the rural environment for minor things that should’ve been able to be handled in the rural county.”

These injuries include, “Traumas, gunshot wounds, stab, knife, broken bottles, whatever kind of injuries that you get,” said Dr. James Kisselburg.

The Medical College of Georgia teamed up with the Georgia College of Emergency Physicians to host the Rural Emergency Practice Conference to ensure high risk, low volume injuries get treated properly.

“Things that you don’t do very often but when you need to do it, the time is now,” said Dr. Lyon.

The longer a person has to wait to get an injury treated, the worse it can become.

Dr. Lyon said, “Even if you’re from a big city Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, you’re driving through the (rural) areas to go anywhere, anywhere you leave the state, you’re driving through areas that have less physicians per capita. The death rate because of that is higher.”

Dr. Kisselburg who works primarily in Waynesboro said conferences like this can make a difference.

“It’s educational to see what the new trends are and the new medications and what the statistics show. What the success has been over the past year at least.”

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